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    Early Life/ Raniji zivot

    Haley J. Scott

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    Early Life/ Raniji zivot

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    Galeotti was born Bethany Joy Lenz on April 2, 1981 in Hollywood, Florida. Her first solo performance was at the The Carpenter's Church in Lakeland, Florida. At the age of four, Galeotti and her family moved to Arlington, Texas. Her grandfather, George Lenz was a regular on the Broadway stage in the 1950’s and 1960’s in musicals like Wish You Were Here and South Pacific.[2] Galeotti performed a twenty minute soliloquy entitled High HopeS and Heavy Sweatshirts at a Dallas museum and at the age of seven she landed her first stage role playing a Munchkin in a local production of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Three years later Galeotti played Scout in the production of To Kill a Mockingbird at the Irving Community Theater in Texas.

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