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    The Notebook Musical

    Haley J. Scott

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    The Notebook Musical

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    Her third album, recorded under Epic Records prompted Galeotti to try her luck in musical theater. Galeotti brought her libretto of The Notebook to her producer Ron Aniello and the two began finding a magic in their music, and shortly thereafter formed Galeotti & Aniello Productions. In an excerpt from the musical's playbill Galeotti describes how her idea of The Notebook becoming a musical came to fruition:
    I fell in love with this story first when I saw the film, and all over again when I read the novel. For months after reading it I found myself walking around the house writing theatrical songs inspired by these characters. I couldn’t stop myself. After about six months of writing songs I decided to put them to good use and began writing a libretto for The Notebook. I wasn’t sure how it would pan out, but I knew I had something inside of me that needed to be released. For the next two years I wrote the libretto and much of the music mostly recording a cappella versions of my songs on my computer (God bless Garage Band!) After I finished the script, I brought the project to my brilliant. Genius friend, Ron Aniello, and he made all this music come to life.
    Galeotti and Aniello presented their first-ever Live Theatrical Workshop The Notebook in October 2009. This preliminary step toward an eventual opening in New York consisted of a basic sets, costumes and choreography. All actors were expected to be off-book for performance. The workshop was intended to assist the creative team in visualizing, editing and critiquing the play as well as to garner Producer interest and investors.[2] Though Galeotti has, until now, kept facts regarding her musical under wraps, she has stated that despite her extensive acting background does not plan to act in it.

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